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What are web notifications? The word "notification" itself is synonymous with notification or warning. Currently, they are sent by mobile applications to smartphones, but there are also web notifications that are sent via the Internet. Notifications are mostly short text or multimedia messages that aim to inform the user or citizen about current events or about discounts or events.

We probably wouldn't be able to imagine a day without the Internet. Today, our dependence on the Internet has been used primarily by website owners, mayors of cities and municipalities, or e-shop operators. They are the ones who arouse activity in us with the help of web notifications, and on the contrary kill our lack of interest. The very first web notifications were introduced in the Chrome browser, which many of us still actively use today. This happened in 2015, when the notification was sent even after the user left the website. When Chrome introduced web notifications five years ago, companies, publishers, and municipalities and cities, which still use notifications to inform citizens in times of crisis, i.e. during floods, quarantines, or polluted air, suddenly started using notifications.

What are the benefits of web push notifications?

Until recently, many people believed that only companies or e-shops could use push notifications. But that's not the case anymore. Today, comments on the website can be used by practically everyone - even municipalities and cities, which in this way inform their citizens early and quickly about current events. However, they are still most often used by online stores, but also by websites focused on weather forecasting.

We can't be surprised at the great popularity of announcements on the website, they hide a number of advantages. Besides engaging users, citizens, and customers and killing inactivity as mentioned, they can do much more. Other benefits of push notifications include:

Why use web notifications?

You might think that push notifications are just annoying notifications on a website that you will dismiss before long. But it is still a powerful marketing tool that will bring the desired fruit. In addition, it should be taken into account that notifications require confirmation of subscription, so the recipient confirms that he is really interested in receiving news.

Web push notifications are key today. A number of those who actively use them to their advantage are of the opinion that the need to have their own mobile application has suddenly disappeared. The notification will encourage a person to take action, who will immediately place an order, thereby increasing profits. In the case of online magazines, there will be an increase in traffic and an increase in fans.

Crisis notifications

It has already been mentioned that cities and municipalities actively use notifications, especially for emergency reports. Emergency reporting can be divided into crisis situations and extraordinary events. While extraordinary events include, for example, accidents that may threaten the health, life or property of citizens, under crisis situations we find events, as a result of which a state of emergency is declared.

In practice, this means that notifications are sent mainly in the event of floods, smog, when emissions have escaped into the air, or in the event of fires. Citizens are also informed in this way about viral threats, such as the coronavirus, as well as the need to remain in quarantine or the impassability of the city or village. Crisis notifications are also sent out in the event that there is a leak of dangerous chemicals with toxic properties or that there is a power outage due to an accident or repair of the electrical network.

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