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Refunds and cancellations

Last update: 19.6.2023

Refunds and Cancellations

We follow a reliable refund policy to make our customers feel privileged to be associated with us. Please read the guidelines governing the refund policy.

1. If you wish to cancel your account, please notify us at least 15 days before the end of the period (via email to Upon cancellation, your data will be deleted from our servers. As the deletion of all data is final, please ensure that you truly wish to cancel your account before doing so.
2. Your subscription automatically renews at the end of each month
3. You can increase or decrease the level of our services at any time during their use, but will not refund any fees in this case.
4. If you stop using our services in the interim, we will not refund the fees you have paid for the remaining period.
5. We reserve the right to change or terminate the service(s) at any time for any reason, without prior notice.
6. Fraud: Without limiting any other remedies, Notifee Group L.L.C-FZ may suspend or terminate your account if we suspect (based on a conviction, settlement, insurance or investigation, or otherwise forcibly removed designation) that you have engaged in fraudulent activity in connection with the services we offer.
7. Note: No refunds are given, even if the plan is canceled mid-month.

7 day cancellation without obligation

The company Notifee Group L.L.C-FZ offers companies a 7-day non-binding cancellation policy. Non-binding cancellation takes effect immediately after account activation. The seven-day non-binding cancellation period applies to new customers only and does not apply to existing customers on a prepaid plan. Notifee Group L.L.C-FZ will also not honor the free trial period for customers who were once paying subscribers, canceled their subscription and then decided to renew their subscription to Notifee Group L.L.C-FZ.
At any time during the 7-day period, the potential subscriber (customer) may cancel their account and receive a full refund with a small service fee.
In order to continue using the service after the 7-day non-binding cancellation period, you will automatically be placed on the selected payment plan that you originally selected when purchasing from a range of monthly payment options or receive a discount by paying for half-yearly or full-year service.

Monthly invoicing, cancellation and refund rules

The company Notifee Group L.L.C-FZ charges and collects payments for a full month of service use. All services provided are non-refundable. Once the customer chooses a subscription plan and provides billing information, Notifee Group L.L.C-FZ charges the amount according to the plan with the first payment due upon confirmation of registration.
All monthly subscriptions automatically renew on the due date according to the date of purchase until officially canceled in writing. Customers can cancel the service at any time by sending a notice to the e-mail address:
Customers will receive from Notifee Group L.L.C-FZ email confirming that their service subscription has been cancelled.

Important: No refunds or partial month service credits will be issued to the customer upon service cancellation.
Customers have the option to upgrade or downgrade their service subscription plan at any time.
For any kind of subscription upgrade or downgrade, the customer must write to
The selected billing method will automatically be charged the new subscription rate in the next billing cycle.
Regarding the reduction of the subscription level, Notifee Group L.L.C-FZ does not issue refunds or credits for partial months of service.
The company Notifee Group L.L.C-FZ reserves the right to refuse/cancel subscription to any of the services purchased on the website
These above policies apply to all services listed on the website, unless otherwise stated in the relevant program materials.