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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is Notifee? is a web notification service. Customers can use this service to integrate web notifications into their websites. allows customers to set how and when notifications are displayed to users, and also allows you to monitor and analyze the effectiveness of notifications. These web notifications can be used to inform users of new features, updates, events or other important information. offers flexible notification management tools and allows developers to personalize notifications for their specific needs and requirements.

What are web notifications?
Web notifications are messages that a website can send to users who have enabled notifications. These notifications appear on the desktop or in the notification bar on computers or mobile devices and allow users to quickly receive information about important events or news on a website without having to visit the website.
Web notifications are typically used to inform users about new content updates, customer benefits, event alerts or offers. These notifications may also contain links that take users directly to the page so that they can immediately get the information they want or take advantage of an offer.
Web notifications are very effective in maintaining user interest and leveraging marketing strategies because they are displayed even if the user is not actively browsing the website. However, these notifications must be used carefully so that users are not overwhelmed with too many messages that could lead to frustration and reduced interest in the website.

What browsers are web notifications sent to?
Web notifications are supported in some modern browsers. The main browsers that support web notifications are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari and Opera.

What is Notifee Manager?
Notifee Manager is a web-based notification management application that allows customers to send and manage notifications for users. This application allows customers to easily integrate web notifications into their website and control what notifications are sent and when they are sent.

What is the Notifee Manager dashboard?
The Notifee Manager dashboard also allows users to see statistics and results of their notification campaigns, including the number of notifications sent, the number of notifications viewed, and the number of clicks on notifications. It allows webmasters to easily manage their web notifications and maximize the effectiveness of their notification campaigns.

What are campaigns?
Campaigns allow webmasters to easily send notifications to their website users and track the success of their notification campaigns. Administrators can track statistics and results of their notification campaigns, including the number of notifications sent, the number of notifications viewed, and the number of clicks on notifications. Campaigns are a useful tool for webmasters who want to increase user engagement on their website and improve communication with users using web notifications.

Which platforms will I connect with? can be connected to various platforms and services using integration tools and APIs. Some of the platforms that can be connected to include Custom Websites. can be integrated into any website using an API that makes it easy to send notifications to mobile devices. also offers the ability to connect with various other platforms and services such as Shoptet, eshop-quick, Webnode, Wordpress, WooCommerce, Web Services,, Shopsys, Mioweb, Magneto, UPgates,, OpenCart, PrestaShop, or Salesforce.

What is Banner?
A banner ad is a convenient way to effectively promote your products or services, especially to users who have already shown interest in web notifications and are therefore highly likely to be interested in your offer when visiting your website via a mobile device.
You can freely customize the banner ad according to your needs and campaign goals.
You can choose the appropriate graphics, headline, description and target URL.

What is a marketing code?
A marketing code or also an installation code from is a special code that is used to link a website to the Notifee service. After registering on the website, the user receives an installation code, which they must then insert into the source code of their website.
In this way, the website will be connected to and will allow web notifications to be sent.
The installation code is unique for each web page and must be correctly inserted into the source code of the web page in order to properly link the web page to the Notifee service. provides detailed instructions on how to install the installation code and link the website to the platform.
The installation code from allows websites to send different types of notifications, such as notifications about new content, news about promotions and discounts, or notifications about customer inquiries and requests. These notifications can help improve communication with customers and increase user engagement on a website.

What are premium features?
Notifee premium features are functionalities that are only available to customers on the STANDARD and PROFI paid plans These features are designed to provide enhanced and more advanced functionality for sending web notifications. Premium features include, for example, the banner advertising feature.

Where can I find the Notifee manager administration manual?
The Notifee Manager administration manual can be found directly on the website under Notifee Manager administration. After logging into your account, you will find the "Tariffs" item in the top menu. Clicking on this item will display the tariffs for Notifee, which contains various useful information, including the Notifee Manager administration guide.
If you have any difficulty finding the manual or any other questions regarding the use of Notifee Manager, you can contact customer support, who will be happy to help you with your questions.

If you have any questions about connecting to your platform or service, please contact customer support, who will be happy to help you with your questions.

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